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Greater Nevada Financial Services

Position Description



Position Title:              Manager of Greater Nevada Financial Services.

Department:                Insurance and Financial Services

Reports To:                  President, Greater Nevada Financial Services

FLSA Status:                Exempt (Determined by FLSA standards/job duties test)

Location:                      Remote

Incentive Eligible?        No

Approval Date:             _____________ (Talent to complete once finalized)


Position Summary:  

This position will act as a Financial Services and Insurance manager for Greater Nevada Financial Group CUSO. This position will be responsible for the coordinators and sales associates assigned to Peak Financials advisors. This position will be responsible for vendor management in the CUSO and all marketing, web updates, and any other mode of member outreach to expand the CUSO.


As a Greater Nevada People Leader, you are responsible for delivering the Greater Nevada experience to our People in alignment with our culture, CARE, Core Values, and “the Deal”.


Essential functions:


·        Manage coordinators and sales associates within the CUSO.

·        Drive value within the business through margin enhancement, lower costs, and operational efficiencies.

·        Execute accurate reporting that enables sound analysis and financial recommendations.

·        Provide insights into business performance vs. competitor and industry trends.

·        Comply with national and local financial regulations by studying existing and proposed legislation.

·        Provide Vendor Management for financial services and insurance.

  • Prepare and monitor the company’s credit facility.
  • Prepare periodic financial reports for the company.
  • Reporting to management and stakeholders, and providing advice how the company and future business decisions might be impacted.
  • Developing long-term business plans based on these reports.
  • Reviewing, monitoring, and managing budgets.
  • Developing strategies that work to minimize financial risk.
  • Analyzing market trends and competitors.

·        Work with marketing for insurance and financial services.

·        Will currently have and will maintain a license in Life, Health, and Disability Insurance.



Additional Competencies:

·        Consistently advocates for the company’s Passion and the CARE experience

·        Develops effective and Passion-driven teams

·        Collaborates

·        Manages complexity

·        Directs work

·        Situational adaptability

·        Financial acumen

·        Decision quality



CARE Element Requirements


As a Greater Nevada employee you are expected to promote the products, services and image of Greater Nevada on a continuing basis to personnel, members, volunteers, business partners and the community at-large by demonstrating the employee’s elements of Greater Nevada’s CARE culture that are Competence, Attitude, Relationship Building, and Effectiveness through appropriate words and actions.


The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill and/or abilities required of you in order to perform this job successfully.




1.           Work independently to organize and prioritize tasks, manage time to meet deadlines, analyze requests, understand issues and develop appropriate solutions.


2.           Possess ability to effectively identify, analyze and solve problems.


3.           Practice a high level of attention to detail when performing job functions.


4.           Possess knowledge and maintain up-to-date information related to procedures and reporting guidelines.


5.           Understand and apply statutory and regulatory compliance matters as appropriate for your position.   


6.           Communicate clearly and concisely via an appropriate level of verbal, written, and presentation skills. Also possess the ability to read, comprehend and explain applicable documentation.


7.           Proficiently utilize a computer and the software applicable to this position.


8.           Possess the ability to accurately perform basic arithmetic operations and calculations as appropriate for your position.





9.           Display a consistent positive demeanor towards members, prospective members, business partners, the general public, your coworkers and other Greater Nevada businesses and departments.


10.        Actively support a positive culture as well as demonstrate the Passion and Core Values of Greater Nevada via personal actions and business decisions made.

11.        Deliver quality service to support functions within Greater Nevada and to members with whom business is directly conducted.


12.        Maintain appropriate levels of confidentiality by exercising sensitivity toward the nature of issues associated with member and non-member information.


Relationship Building


13.        Actively support the vision of the Committee of Managers (COM) and President/CEO by working cooperatively and cohesively on service and operational matters with coworkers, department managers, and senior and executive management.


14.        Develop and maintain effective working relationships with members of assigned department, management and team members in other departments and business units within Greater Nevada.


15.        Develop and maintain effective relationships with applicable business partners when applicable.


16.        Cultivate appropriate relationships outside of the organization through active involvement in community service opportunities.




17.        Demonstrate Greater Nevada’s Passion “To Help More People Live Greater” through actions and business decisions involving members, employees, business and community partners. 


18.        Demonstrate a high level of initiative and ownership of job functions.


19.        Participate in scheduled meetings and department functions.


20.        Assist with the achievement of Greater Nevada’s Strategic Business Plan and Scorecard goals.


21.        Make contributions with ideas to grow revenue, increase efficiencies, mitigate risk, resolve operational issues and take appropriate actions to inspire others to Live Greater.


22.        Exercise initiative and provide constructive input regarding policies and procedures applicable to assigned areas of responsibility within Greater Nevada.


23.        Assure the safety and security of employees and members by identifying and communicating opportunities for improvement.


Physical Demands: 


While performing the duties of your job, you may regularly be required to sit and use a keyboard, multiple monitors, mouse, and telephone (including repetitive motions with hands, fingers, arms, etc.) for extended periods of time. You may also frequently be required to stand, walk, and reach with hands and arms, bend, and kneel.


You may be occasionally required to lift and/or move up to 20 pounds. 


You must be willing and able to travel to locales other than the normal location for the position, including overnight trips as appropriate for your job responsibilities. Must possess a valid Driver’s License and have access to a reliable vehicle.




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