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Banking recruitment. Finance recruitment. IT recruitment.

Management Recruiters of Spokane offers each client a range of recruitment and staffing options that reflect the complexity of the hiring obstacles you encounter while building a dynamic and resilient business.

Every action we take as your advocate is designed to precisely address and meet your company’s individual cultural and business goals. We dive deep into your organization, deciphering your motivations, goal, and values to collaboratively discover the talent you need to complete your professional mission.

Our end-to-end banking, IT, and finance recruitment and staffing services are dedicated to the discovery of candidates essential to evolving your culture and growing your market share. We offer assessment testing, pre-presentation, candidate presentation interviews, background assessments, relocation assistance, and salary data gathering—all to ensure your business secures and retains only ideal candidates.


Recruitment and staffing services

MRi Spokane offers adapting talent management solutions essential to business development and handling any unexpected hiring challenge.

Permanent placement Building scalable teams as you grow your business

Our niche-focused banking, IT, and finance recruitment professionals engage in both retained and contingent-based executive search, locating, vetting, and securing senior- to professional-level talent and leadership for teams and projects crucial to your business growth.

Large-scale recruitment Delivering talent and leadership to match your drive

Through a single point of contact and a customized project management plan we develop by working closely with your leadership team, Management Recruiters of Spokane executes a high-touch and streamlined approach to securing specialized talent and leadership crucial to the targeted and at times rapid expansion of your business.

Contract Staffing Meeting your immediate hiring needs

We place a wide range of professionals in contract positions to meet your growth spurts and cyclical needs. We expertly fill positions brought on by the unexpected.

Our industries

Precision equals powerful results

We take our deeper industry knowledge and our knowledge of the Greater Spokane Area, matching our client partners with those top performers who will help them manifest their professional vision.